Is choosing a dental assistant school really that important- aren’t they all the same?

June 21, 2019

It matters where you go to school.  It matters the types of instructors you have.  It matters where you learn!  The dental assistant school you choose and the experience you receive will have far reaching effects on your dental assistant career. 

The dream of Florida Dental Assistant Training Schools began as the need for highly

skilled dental assistants in the Central Florida area began to increase.

Our founding dentist, Dr F. H. Collins III recognized the importance of a good dental assistant in helping provide exceptional service to the patient, reduce stress on both the patient and doctor and keep the practice growing and profitable.  

 Collins Dental  was established over 15 years ago and has remained as one of the top 1% of all producing practices within the United States.  Dr. Collins has trained his skilled team to perform at high levels that benefit both the practice and doctors but the team member as well.  Knowing that that the assistants, hygienists and front desk team have an understanding of the practice protocols and systems allows the office to perform at its best. This foundation has allowed Florida Dental Assistant Training Schools to build an institution that not only teaches the core skills necessary to become a properly trained dental assistant, but skills that allow the dental assistant to excel in their role and become a vital asset to the practice as well.  

On July 6, 2018 our testing center, Florida Dental Assistant Testing Center

was approved by the State of Florida Board of Dentistry, to administer the Expanded Functions and Radiology certification tests. For the past year,we have been able to certify students from all over the State of Florida, as well as  dental assistants that have relocated from all over the United States.  Through this program, we have been able to provide a convenient and affordable way for dental assistants to meet the requirements by the State of Florida.  

Our 12 week Dental Assistant Training Course bridges the gap where traditional programs have fallen short in preparing students for a fast-paced, high technology office.  Our program is all inclusive and provides all the steps necessary to begin a new career. When you leave Florida Dental Assistant Training Schools Entry Level Dental Assistant Course, you can feel confident that you can step into your new role!  Are you already a dental assistant and need to perfect some skills?    We offer courses in areas such as scan and design of cad/cam restorations, clear aligner impressions techniques, digital photography, treatment planning and presentation and much more.  

So why choose us?

  1.  Our dental office Collins Dental is one of the most successful, single practice offices in not only Florida but the country.  Check out our website
  2.  Familiarize yourself with the our state’s requirement for Dental Assistants in Florida.
  3.  Review the dental assistant schools’s curriculum.
    What type of courses will you take?  Is it online?  How long will it take you to finish?  Is the program hands on?  Will you learn on the latest equipment and technology?  Our dental assistant program challenges our students to ensure that they can perform day-to-day dental assistant duties.  
  4.  Meet with the dental assistant schools faculty and see the facilities.
    Are your instructors and admissions counselors helpful in leading you to achieve your goals and dreams of becoming a dental assistant?  Do your instructors participate in ongoing continuing education, leadership and classroom management skills to stay current and provide a well rounded education?  
  5.  Find out what graduates have to say.
    Ask a former student about their experience.  With firsthand insights into students’ experiences, you can determine if this school meets your expectations.  
  6.  Does the school offer job placement assistance?    

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment of the dental assistant to grow by over 19% between 2016-2026. The U.S. job market offers no guarantees, even for a highly trained and skilled dental assistant. Fortunately, by enrolling in a dental assistant school that offers job placement tools and resources, you can boost the likelihood of quickly finding your dream job following graduation.  

At Florida Dental Assistant Training Schools, we educate our students about the process of searching for a job and help them prepare for interviews, craft their resumes and write cover letters. 

Call Florida Dental Assistant Training Schools (FLDATS) today!  We want to show you why we want to help train you to be a super star dental assistant!  please contact us today:  407-960-3686

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