Radiology Certification

This program is ideal for Dental Assistants moving to Florida or a Florida Dental Assistant that has been formally trained by a licensed dentist.

A minimum of three months experience in dental assisting and exposure of dental x-rays are required to receive certification. Students in the Dental X-ray course must be able to perform these skills in a clinical setting and pass an online written exam with a grade of 75% or better to be issued a Florida Dental X-Ray Certification.

For the purpose of positioning and exposing radiographs by dental assistants, formal training may consist of having received certification as a dental radiographer pursuant to Rule Chapter 64B5-9.011, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). The requirements for certification include: Completion of at least 3 months of continuous on-the-job training through assisting in the positioning and exposing of dental radiographic film under the direct supervision of a Florida licensed dentist.


Proof of successful completion of a Board-approved course which meets the requirements of subsection 64B5-9.011(5), F.A.C. within 12 months after completion of on-the-job training.

Course Topics

  • Equipment Identification

  • Radiology Practice

  • Radiation Biology

  • Units of Measurement

  • Types of Exposure

  • Doses

  • Tissue Sensitivity

  • X-Ray Protection

  • Radiographic Anatomy

  • Radiographic Film

  • Radiographic Techniques

  • Radiographic Development

  • Radiographic Processing

  • Supplemental Technique

  • Infection Control

3 months experience

Program Length

Usually within 4 hours - completed in one day.

Program Cost

Cost:  $395

Part 1-Foundational Science of Radiology in the Dental Office Test.  
The written portion tests the science and foundations of radiology in the dental office. After payment is received you will receive a study guide to help prepare for the test. It includes all study material necessary to prepare you for your actual written tests for radiology certification.  You should schedule your test within 2 weeks of receiving your study guide.  Once you have satisfactorily completed the written portion of the test with a 75% or better you may proceed to part 2. 

Part 2-Clinical Demonstration of Radiology Techniques: Once you have successfully completed the written examination portion with a score of 75% or better, you will proceed to the Clinical hands on portion of the certification. You will complete the hands-on portion in our facility and demonstrate your ability to place, position and expose dental x-rays.

**IMPORTANT: The State of Florida requires dental assistants to have BOTH their Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and Dental Radiology Certification to work as a dental assistant in the State of Florida.

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